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February Show 2017. More Pics

The Bloodhound Club Open Show. February 2017
All the photographs below were provided by, and are the copyright of Sam Clark at FARLAP bloodhounds for which The Club is grateful.
You can visit Farlap via the Links page for further information etc.

Junior Bitch Marksbury Wheedle Von Jaggersmann (Howie.)

Novice Bitch Sanft Jade (Sutcliffe.)

Limit Dog Winner Defender Od Hadiho Potoka at Houndseeker (Manley and Burnside.)

Post Graduate Bitch Winner Adorandus Poetry of Scentall (Lamb.)

Junior Dog Winner Marbilus Dean by Moorlander (Mckenzie.)

Best Veteran Cammonstone Juno (Gore.)

Best Puppy Passion Fruit Truffe at Farlap (Clark.)

Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy Dog Precious Poppy Truffe Medievale (Clark and Faucq.)

Best in Show Winner Nina Simone Truffle Medievale at Houndseeker (Burnside and Manley.)

Burnside and Manley's Nina Simone Truffe Medievale at Houndseeker and Clark's
Passion Fruit Truffe Medievale at Farlap

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