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                                                                 GIVE A DOG A GENOME!!!!
 Before the commencement of our show at Baginton on  November 6th, Sally Ricketts a Researcher from the Animal Health Trust spoke to a number of Members re the above. `it proved to be interesting, enlightening and promising.
The broad objective is to identify genetic variants underlying inherited disorders in dogs to
1 Enable DNA tests that
a) allow breeders to reduce disease prevalence i specific breeds, and
b) aid differential diagnosis.
2 Improve the understanding of pathophysiology of disease that could lead to improved treatment/therapies in dogs and other species. 
This project will enable the AHT to identify disease mutations more quickly and cost effectively.
A GENOME is where you read the entire genetic code of a dog (etc.) This is going on simultaneously in the field of human medicine.
The DNA in a dog would stretch from John o Groats to Land's End.
The more breeds that are represented, the more variation across the genome will be captured.
75 breeds have now signed up to Give A  Dog A Genome. and there are around 80 health concerns listed by 66 breeds.
There is a website at The Animal Health Trust devoted to Give A Dog A Genome. It is regularly updated and you can access it for further information..
The Bloodhound Club has exclusively supported our breed in this very important ground breaking project by investing the required £1000.
Thank you, The Membership, for enabling The Club to support this initiative.

Sally Ricketts from the Animal Health Trust talking to Members

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