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Special Events

At THE BLOODHOUND CLUB, and via the website we get lots of requests for bloodhounds to do various jobs and attend various events.
Currently, June 2017 we have had three requests for bloodhounds to search for missing pet dogs. For help and advice, go to

I've received a request for help in another way, and this could be good fun.
Ann Corbin, assists the Bexhill Old Town Society, (East Sussex) and they hold a fundraiser on the 7the May 2018, that will be their next May Day event. Ann would like to see bloodhounds in attendance. Contact Ann for more information at for further info.
(I Remember years ago we attended a school Open Day with two of our hounds and charged 10p a cuddle and innumerable strokes- made a fortune!)
For further information regarding the 2017 KELPERLAND SPECIAL STAKE
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