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The Millvery. January 2017. Overview

The Millvery took place on Sunday 29th January at Grimsthorpe Castle, Grimsthorpe Estate. Lincolnshire. This year, it was held in David Richards' memory who sadly passed away in 2016, He and Dual Champion Chasedown Virtuous were the first winners of the Millvery in 1994. David also won again in 1995 and he judged the stake in2011.
The day started with lovely January sunshine. There were two hounds entered, both owned and handled by Duncan Robertson. The judge on this occasion was Niels Vasili- Mygind (Denmark) and Billy Page was his assistant for the day.
The sun stayed until the first hound had disappeared from the start of his line, and was a small shape in the distance. But then the true January weather came back but it did have the good grace not to rain until the second hound had finished his line.
I am very pleased to say that Rache Lancealot was awarded the Trophy and at the age of ten years proving that an old hound can still hunt. Well Done! Lancealot just put his head down and got on with it!
The summing up and a fantastic lunch was attended by about 25 supporters who had attended the Stake. A huge 'thank you' to Colin and Ruth Avery, Phil and Wendy Broughton for making the day go well. Also thanks are due to The Grimsthorpe Estate for permitting us to hold the event on their land. A wonderful setting for an amazing stake.
(Lorraine Priestley)
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